Merry Christmas [Eve]

Tonight is my favorite. 

Of all the days, of all the seasons, of all the moments, it's tonight that is my favorite. 

As a child, in the hours leading up to midnight we would bundle up and head to church. The time that stands out the most is a small little chapel in rural south Texas close to the ranch my Grandparents lived on. It was dark and quiet and still. And there was hope filling the night. 

Hope of what is to come.

Today we know the end to the story. We know that in that moment our Savior was coming to be with us, to give us new life. But then.... Well, there was only darkness. There was only a young girl in the unknown. Until there was light. 

The days of midnight mass are behind me. But as a mother now I sit as a bookend for our boys in the pew and wait for the moment the lights go down and candle light fills the Church. This is my moment of the season. 

I hold on to this light and this hope. 

Tonight whether you celebrate or not. Tonight whether you are in a place of joy or sorrow. My wish for you is light and love and hope. Always hope. 

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