Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone | Monica McNeill Photography, Dallas Family Photographer

Several months ago a group came together to begin "The Story of Me Project". I was intrigued because the underlying current of the project is to connect with ourselves. I don't spend a lot of time being still. I don't spend a lot of time reflecting on who I am outside of my roles as a mother and a wife. Those are the most important parts of me and where my energy is usually spent.  

So, I jumped in because I knew this would challenge me and at the same time I wanted to jump out because it terrifies me. 

Our first post went live last month and today our second post went live. 

Today I'm sharing both.....  

May 2014

 "And that desire - the strong desire to take pictures - is important. It borders on a need, based on habit: the habit of seeing." - Sam Abell

It really is indifferent whether I have my camera to my eye or not. I am always framing the scene in front of me. And when I'm not I'm studying the frames of others. And when I'm not I'm listening to discussions of seeing the world. I am a woman obsessed with photography right now and it is the space I carve out for me.  

June 2014

"It doesn't turn off and turn on. It's on all the time." - Annie Leibovitz

In the most inconvenient times, in the most unexpected of places the light finds me. My love affair with the way it spills into my kitchen in the morning continues to grow stronger. Maybe one day Travis will remember sitting in the shadows of my lap looking through the viewfinder at his Mama in the light.  

I'm not sure where this project will lead me but I'm curious enough to find out. I invite you to take a look at all of the other contributors submissions by visiting The Story of Me Project



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