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We have just come home from a long weekend romping around Beavers Bend State Park and there is no denying it, the start of school is just around the corner. Saying goodbye to summer means saying hello to first day outfits, new backpacks, school supplies flooding Target and a whole new population of little people saying hello to a new chapter in their book of life. 

The first morning of Kindergarten can be a bag of mixed emotions. There can be nerves (both yours & theirs) , excitement or both depending on the moment that morning. They start off the school year so tentative and come out so sure footed. It is a big part of their life story and I feel it is important to capture an authentic portrait of this beginning. However, my own personal experience affirms my belief that the first day is not the ideal time to capture this portrait. 

My oldest had been in Montessori full time leading up to his Kindergarten year so I thought I had his first day under control. Boy was I caught off guard by the wave of emotion I rode that morning. Desperate to capture him before he went through the doors to start this first independent chapter of life I clicked away much to his angst. As I said goodbye in the classroom I hurriedly shoved on my sunglasses to hide my tears because just like that the moment was gone. I wish I had put the camera down, I wish I had followed his lead, I wish I had just soaked up the moment, I wish... If only I had planned ahead and photographed him weeks before this life experience I could have been satisfied with one quick snap the first day knowing I had what I needed so I could give him what he needed which was me not behind the camera. 

It is from this place my Kindergarten sessions were born. By photographing your child before the big day we create a time capsule of who they are at this pivotal point without the wave of emotions from the life experience. On the first day of school you are free to simply be present and live in the moment. That is why these sessions are only one of two portrait sessions I offer all year.

My Kindergarten sessions are designed to be on campus because the school behind them will become part of their life story. I ask you to bring their favorite books and their backpack not as props but because those too are part of their story. 

This weekend I will once more create time capsules of little people at the start of this new chapter. These sessions are limited to Saturday, August 16th and Sunday, August 17th. 

There are two packages to fit your needs. Package A is the basic session and on location at your Elementary School campus. Package B is the expanded session that adds on the second location of your home. 

Package A

  • 30 minutes
  • elementary school location 
  • 5 digital negatives w/print release
  • Siblings attending the same elementary are welcome
  • $150 plus tax

Package B

  • 50 minutes
  • elementary school AND home location
  • 8 digital negatives w/print release
  • iPhone / Android App
  • $225 plus tax

Book your session today and be free to fully experience the first day of school. 

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