The more I time travel the more I learn I’m always just where I need to be.
— Amy Poehler

The open door to the backyard, the breeze filtering through the house, the lazy Sunday afternoon, it all translated into an invitation for them to find their way outside. As I made my way through the house, piddling here and there, they caught my eye. Well, he caught my eye. 

Double digits mean we are living in the space of tween where video games, head phones, and pick up football games reign. Long ago are the days of super heroes and dress up. And I embrace this. Not because I wanted those days gone but because if I've learned anything in this decade of mothering it is that this stage will also be replaced with another before I realize we've moved on. And so I embrace it. 

But then. 

Then there is a day that he takes me back to the beginning. I see a glimpse of our past and I stop to soak it all in. I run for my camera because "the more I time travel the more I learn I'm always just where I need to be."

This photograph is my contribution to the Cherish This Day post today, make sure you check out all the images here. And as an aside, if you have not read Amy Poehler's book "Yes, Please." you really should. It is funny and heartwarming all at the same time. 

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