Meet the Teacher : Five Photography Tips

Meet the Teacher : Five Photography Tips

Oh Kindergarten. This sentimental heart never trusted myself to document the first day. I was too afraid that I would miss all the little details that would collectively make my heartstrings pull. So, for my Littles, I used their Meet The Teacher night to document instead. 

Today I’m sharing a five photography tips to help you create a timecapsule. But the most important thing to know is use the camera you have with you. It’s not about the camera, it’s about how you see.

Tip #1

Ask yourself, what does it feel like? Chaotic? Yes? Then capture that. Don’t wait for everyone to clear out. You are not in the room alone, embrace that. Don’t shy away from grabbing the foreground too. My sneaky trick here is to “shoot at the hip”. Put your phone or camera at hip level because chances are that is at your little person’s level.

Tip #2

Think about where they will be all day. When taking a photograph of their desk don’t be afraid to get down low and capture what it will feel like for the person across the table. Remember, the surrounding is just as important as the person.  

 Tip #3

What do you want to remember about this year? Is there something special about their classmates? Does your little one have a bestie in class this year? Even if they aren’t sitting at the same table odds are they will gravitate to each other. Capture THAT!!! If you are lucky enough to be in a community that stays together it is likely this will be a lifetime friendship.  

 Tip #4

Preserve the personality. Look for the moment that fully captures who they are in this stage of life. My middle is FULL of life. My baby, well, apprehensive at times. Capture that, whatever that is for your little one. Maybe it stays throughout life, maybe it changes but it is who they are now. Remember, you are creating a time capsule.  

Tip #5

Don’t forget the teachers. So, you’ve been in standing in line forever to actually “meet the teacher” and then your child walks up and either a) bear hugs for what in some circles may be considered uncomfortably too long or b) goes silent and the best you get is a posed photograph. A or B capture it. This is their life, their beginning, their story - embrace THAT. Don’t push them to be anything but themselves. Take what they give you. I dare you to celebrate it.

Bonus tip : Don’t forget about coming and going. The beginning and end are also part of your story. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful school year. If you enjoyed the tips I encourage you to check out my Five Minute Stories at Big Picture Classes.  You can take it for free with a trial membership.

Bear Hugs

Bear Hugs

The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story