One of Those

One of those images that only a few people will "get".

One of those moments I am emotionally tied to as a mother.

One of those memory triggers that will show their value exponentially in years to come.

Owen's first trip to the State Fair. In the days before his first visit we talked about what to expect with last years photographs as supporting visuals. He asked if there was yummy food, like bananas? After I contained my laughter I told him all about funnel cakes.

The morning of he kept asking "What is the name of the cake again? Oh, yeah, funnel cake!!" It was this song of his in my head that had me desperate to capture this frame the moment he went on his tippy toes in anticipation of this magical funnel cake.

There it was, one of those moments that capsulated his wonder of experiencing something for the first time and yet there was so much more layered into this frame. 

The indifference of my oldest - this is an old experience for him. How the crazy red shoes tie my husband and son together - so often my oldest mirrors my husband given this is the man he looks up to. The varying distances of my sons to my husband - each boy at a different stage needing different things from our parenting. The complete unawareness of the fair workers of this memory making moment for Owen. The emptiness of the food stand despite it being the Sunday of TX/OU weekend because at 10AM we were the first ones wanting a funnel cake. 

One of those images that only a few people will "get".  

These are the images I get stuck on. These are the images that I know I will cherish ten times over in 2 years because here we are, just as we are. 

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