Cherish This Day is LIVE and it is a spooktacular edition!! Make sure you go get inspired by all the wonderful Halloween captures here.

My contribution this week is a favorite from last year. After chasing their big brother and his friends from house to house on our street the littles were all done and ready to wait for trick or treaters and hand out candy. This is likely my favorite moment from that night. This day can be chaotic and I certainly appreciate the quiet moments after the rush.  

It feels like we have been celebrating all week around here and last night we finally remembered to carve our pumpkin! Certainly something better for a weekend but we made it work!!

And the most exciting development this week is that after years of piecing together a black backdrop to take the boys costume pictures in front of I actually invested in a stand and backdrop because this may be one of my favorite traditions in our little family. Every year we take a costume photograph and every year I unwrap the frames of years past and put up with our Halloween decorations. It is such a treat!

This year I bring you Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and an Army Soldier. 

Can I say my heart broke just a little bit when the littles wanted something non-animal this year. With the baby being only 2.5 I thought I had at least one more year of cute and cuddly but this definitely works for him and his place as the third brother. It feels like everything comes faster with him. 

Happy Halloween!!!

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