To Be Present | Part Two

Hello!! Welcome back for Part Two of the story. I'm loving sharing this family's story in chapters because it means I get to share all my favorites. Since I also tend to be long on words I get to break those up too. Hmmm maybe brevity is not my strong suit! 

So very thankful for the inspiration from my recent obsession with Serial to share this session in five small bite sized posts through Sunday.  Don't forget this session is meant to be enjoyed in order so start here with Part One and make sure you check back tomorrow for Part Three

Yesterday we left off with this sweet girl running away like any good toddler on a mission.

Because this happens to be one of my favorites here is the backstory. While the girls were getting their shoes on the conversation was [spoiler alert] about going outside to swing. I anticipated they would make the straight shot to the backyard. So I left the room before they were all ready and I waited at the end of the other hallway for the action to happen.

So much of what I do in a session is wait for the right moment.  

For me, this image is more about being a parent of a toddler and their constant state of motion instead of making a beeline for outside. But, in the end its about both and these girls love to swing in their backyard.

They just might love swinging as much as they love their pooh bears. Oh man. I loved that pooh bears became a thread throughout their session. The advantage of coming as you are is that you unknowingly present to me the details of your life that otherwise might only live as a memory long after the fabric is worn and the seams have come undone on favorite loves. 

Real isn’t how you are made, said the Skin Horse. It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.
— The Velveteen Rabbit

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