To Be Present | Part One

The call. It always starts with a call. 

As we hung up I was impressed as to how short it was. She knew my work and didn't need all the extra words I usually fill the air with to explain the heart of my photography. In fact she's an established photographer herself. A photographer who was ready to try something different. 

That both exhilarated and terrified me.

Even more so after I spent time getting to know her work. And then I fell in love with her personal 365 project (a picture a day for a year). I took comfort that she was a fellow aficionado of the everyday. So much so, that when we met she was already decided that her session would revolve around the everyday, simple, routine moments that fill a Saturday morning. Music to my ears. 

Seriously, this was a dream session even before it began. 

It's hard for me to put into words the beauty of the everyday because in that moment it just seems ordinary. It is elusive and most times you don't notice its beauty until its gone and then its too late to hold on tight because it has already slipped through your hands. It's so much better to show you. 

And I want to do just that. I have so many images from that morning that I want to share. Inspired by my recent obsession with Serial this session will be shared in five small bite sized posts through Sunday.  This session is meant to be enjoyed in order so make sure you check back tomorrow for Part Two

8AM may seem early for some but if you have toddlers you know that isn't true so that is where our story begins - footed PJs and not so sleepy heads. 

To be present might be exactly what we needed all along. To feel a place while we’re in it. To be fully with people while sharing time. To know this moment and this moment only might actually be the closest thing to ecstatic living we’ll experience.

So wherever you are, be there. In your body. One foot in front of the next.
— Virginia Erickson

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