Chasing the Sun | Where The Boys Are

When I introduced Where The Boys Are, in this post, I intended to share my monthly contributions here as well but sadly I haven't shared at all. Time to change that. So, I'll start with my December contribution right now.....

I only wanted one thing on our vacation, to chase the sun. Unfortunately not until the last day, midday, did it make an appearance. As I packed my gear just before sunset I heard your little voice tell me "I want to chase the sun!" And so we did.

It was so much better with you by my side. One day you will grow big and I will grow old and we may not be able to chase the sun anymore and I will hold on to this moment. You, picking out the perfect rock to throw into the lake and Me, soaking in you and the perfect light.  - Monica McNeill

If you aren't familiar with this project make sure you head over here and check out the full post. And if you are also a boy mom head over to our Flickr group to share your images. The week of December 21st we will be sharing images from the Flickr group on our blog. 

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