One, Two, Three | Monica McNeill Photography, Dallas Newborn Photography

What is it they say about the best laid plans? New life comes on its own time table without reference to calendars, schedules or even purchased airline tickets. This is how I found myself documenting three generations with less than 24 hours remaining of a grandmothers visit from India. 

This was not a moment to be recreated. It had to be now. 

Walking in I knew that I wanted to provide a time capsule of this grandmother with her granddaughter in this fleeting moment. 

With my clients as my translators I asked Nanima to just hold her. We laughed for a moment as she asked, that is all, just hold her? But then as she relaxed so did her granddaughter and one of my favorite moments was created and captured. 

To think had we waited 24 more hours this photograph wouldn't exist. You can see the full gallery of this beautiful session here

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