My Roots | Monica McNeill Photography, Dallas Children's Photography

I started this photography business because I believe in my core that everyone has a story to tell. I am fascinated with the human story and when bathed in authenticity everyone is beautiful because of their life story. 

My roots are in scrapbooking. I have been telling my family's story for thirteen years through my photographs and words. 

I am a storyteller. It wasn't until recently that I realized my camera is my voice. When I look through the lens the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. I want others to see they beauty of their life that I see. 

Photographs allow me to see the blessings for which I am grateful for and I think we could all use a little more gratitude in our lives. So that, yes, that is my vision for this business. 

Everyone has a story to tell and by seeing the truth we live a more present, gratitude filled life. I want to fill my clients hearts with gratitude for their authentic, everyday life where both little and big moments are celebrated. 

I made this photograph after a 70 hour work week last year on a beautifully cool and calm Saturday morning. My son is not concerned with hair brushes or pants but only the carefree morning ahead of him. 

Yet there is so much more this photograph tells me. This is my favorite place in the mornings - my backyard with my children playing. O was big enough to climb his little rock wall without me hovering, worried he is going to fall. He was finally potty trained and those were by far his favorite underwear. And among the chaos of life there are pockets of serenity if I look really hard. 

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