They Will Always Be Your Babies | Monica McNeill Photography, Dallas Family Photography

The inaugural session of MMP took place in a dear friend's home and neighborhood park. The home she raised her children in was forever to be changed. Her daughter had graduated from college a few months before and her baby boy was leaving for college within weeks. She knew all too well of the truth that children grow fast and season of life change before you have a chance to realize it has happened. 

I waited for the moment they forgot my camera so I could truly see. And then I saw through my lens the smile she's been giving her daughter for a lifetime. 

When I'm deep in the trenches of mothering small children there are days I wonder will we come out the other side still smiling? This encourages me that yes, yes we will. 

While it can be hard to be in front of the camera I believe it is important for Mother's to be seen. There will be a day where perspective has settled in and you will want to see yourself with your babies. 

I loved shooting in their home because life has been lived within those walls, this is where her children were raised. Precious things accumulated over time are a layer in their life story. 

As her children grew she pinned snapshots, buttons and photo booth strips to this board. She sits at her desk and is reminded of their story. There will be a day where this board will itself be a memory. 

I believe this to be true because one of the strongest memories I have of my own grandmother are the photographs she collected under the glass of her coffee table. 

And now you know the rest of the story...


Through Mother's Day I am showcasing some of my favorite captures of my clients and sharing why I love them. For a limited time customized sessions for Mom are offered. 

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