What Love Looks Like | Monica McNeill Photography, Dallas Newborn Photography

Last weekend I spent my Sunday morning with a family that doubled in size two weeks ago. It seemed only fitting to send some love and encouragement to this rock star Mama. 

Becoming a mother is tough. Before we ever hold a child in our arms we give our heart. This is universal no matter the journey. We pray, we hope, we dream, we relinquish all control in our pursuit of motherhood. 

And then, we are blessed.

The hours are long, the sleep is little and routine is disturbed. The road is not easy but neither was the road to get there. 

I am drawn to this image because of the beauty in the ordinary. Routine in this home revolves around feeding the boys. How much did they have? Did they burp enough? How often are they hungry? Do they need more? It's easy to get lost in this because all of it is critical to them thriving. It's easy to be worn out. 

But look. 

Look at that love. 

In this moment it is just them. 

She is his everything. 

Hers is the voice he knows. He gazes at her with intensity that I did not expect this little. Perhaps it's because he knows that she would move mountains for them and already has. 

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