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In an attempt to step outside of my comfort zone I've joined with a group of photographers in "The Story of Me Project". The underlying current of the project is to connect with ourselves. Each month we submit a self portrait that represents who we are or where we are at. 

July 2014

" There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn't that kind of the point? " - Pam, The Office

Working full time outside of the home, while working to build a photography business outside of that time, and still carving out time to nourish my relationship with my husband while we both try to keep up with the needs and calendars of our three young boys doesn't leave much time for me to tend to my home.

Most days I am one step away from someone not having shorts for the next day or chocolate milk for breakfast or a form being unsigned. The busyness of life forces me to walk a tight rope. 

So, when I come upon an afternoon where the only task on my list is to tend to my home and my children I am at peace and my heart is content. As I sort the 2T shorts from the 4T and reattach Superman capes to t-shirts while the littles nap, the house is tidy and the radio is turned to country music I move slow and cherish the beauty in the ordinary and build my reserves until the next time I find myself in this quiet place. 

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