Sunrise Date | Monica McNeill Photography, Dallas Children's Photographer

When I was little I would stare out the window and memorize the landmarks as they went by. Street names and N / S / E / W were never important to me but instead I focused on Whataburger, Post Office, Park, Movie Theatre and R / L. 

I suppose some habits are hard to break. As I drive around now I look for interesting spaces and take note of where the sun rises and sets and catalog all these "some" day adventures away as AM / PM. My schedule is not my own so only through happenstance do these adventures come to fruition. 

On Saturday morning Travis woke up early, early enough for us to both wake up, get dressed (but not early enough for coffee) and sneak out of the sleeping house for a Sunrise Date. Carving out one on one time with the boys is something I need to do more of as they grow into their own personalities and this was the perfect opportunity.

He walked the playground as if he owned it and abandoned all things baby because when your big brothers aren't around YOU are the big boy. 

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