The Best Kept Secret | Storytelling

One of the best things about my first year of business has been the opportunity to document the lives of those around me. My dear friend, mama extraordinaire and all around amazing supporter of me in this journey frequently said to me "I'm waiting for the right story". I had no doubt that when it found her it would be good one.

The sessions where I find life happening real time are my favorite because my clients are so busy living the moment I fade into the background and all that is left is real life captured. It becomes their very own personal documentary. 

What I love most about this session was not the surprise ending but the quiet beginning. To be invited into a home in the still of the night to capture one of the more private moments of waking children was a gift. She worried 4:30AM was too early to start our session but I will chase the authentic with the same enthusiasm others chase the light. 

I invite you to discover the best kept secret of the Summer of 2014. 

The girls had no idea they were on their way to Disney World until they were about to go through security. Mom told them they were taking some bags to their grandparents at the airport (who were waiting at the gate) and I was there to take the car home. I had my doubts that the girls wouldn't put the puzzle together but given the shock and awe that washed over the faces, at different times no less, I was wrong and Mom pulled off the best kept secret of the Summer of 2014. 

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