The Littlest | Cherish This Day


Travis I feel as though you are changing overnight and soon you will be well rooted in toddlerhood. I want to remember that at not quite two and a half you are currently ...


  • agreeing that you will always be my baby when we ask if you are a big boy or Mama's baby


  • wanting to be just like your big brother right down to the batting helmet at baseball 


  • biting when you are angry and don't know how to use your words


  • learning to cut paper and so very proud when you do it


  • watching Paw Patrol with Owen, Dog with a Blog with Garrett and Octonauts on my phone  


  • talking in full conversation at home but oh so quiet when we are out and about


  • scooting the island chair around the kitchen and sneaking M&Ms


  • telling the story that "Elmo tooted" at picture day at school 


  • planning on being a boxer with Owen for Halloween


  • asking for your "ba ba" when it's time for rest and telling me no when I begin to suggest it might be time to say goodbye to "ba ba"


  • kicking, throwing and hitting any ball you can find

This photograph is my contribution to Cherish This Day for the week and I invite you to check out the full collaboration here. The words were inspired by Ali Edwards Prompts (found here) and you can find the digital stamps here

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