The State Fair of Texas, Their Great Family Tradition

Tomorrow is opening day of the State Fair of Texas and I've been saving this session for just this moment. 

I had just started offering sessions when I received a note asking if I was up for something different (I recall even the word challenge being used) and Mom warned she had four children. Of course, I said yes. 

I am a born and raised Texan but my first visit to the State Fair of Texas was in 2012 only because my oldest begged to go and once there I finally saw the appeal that it has to so many. When my client explained that they go every year and it is their great family tradition I knew this was going to be something special. 

I was a newbie at the beginning of my visual storytelling photography journey and I was working with old equipment but this is still one of my favorite sessions from last year because it was so much fun and it captured an important family tradition for them. 

When I received her Christmas Card in the mail and saw their family tradition shared with their friends and family I might have done a little dance. Yes, yes, yes - real people, real life, real moments this is what makes my heart happy. 

Pinhole Press was used to create this card. 

My full sessions are booked for the rest of the year but if someone sent me a note asking for a Simple Storytelling or Storytelling Session at the State Fair of Texas I would have a hard time saying no.

I'm excited to take my older two boys to the State Fair of Texas this year. It will be my middle son's first visit and I think it will be pretty special. However, we will stay away the first two days of the fair because they are hosting American Idol tryouts there and that is a little too much for this crowd-phobic Mama. 

I and Love and You

Coco & Dash