I and Love and You

We both work full time outside the home and always have. The beginnings and the ends of the day can be equally stressful moving the boys in and out of morning and evening routines. It is a stress we share equally since our responsibilities have always been split into morning and afternoons. 

These days I'm on morning duty and don't walk back through the door until dinner is being set on the table and yes, I count my lucky stars that my husband manages to pull that off most days. But this day was different. I was home with a recovering Garrett and had the privilege of playing out in the front yard with the boys as the day came to a close. 

The minute Travis saw the truck start to come down the street he threw his helmet to the side and made his way over to where he knew his Daddy would be. My husband is a tall man at 6' 5'' and to see him drop to his knees and fully embrace our baby....well, I melted. 

In the crazy of life it's easy to miss these moments. Not just capturing them, not just seeing them but just having them. 

Busy, busy, busy we are all caught up in the busyness of life that sometimes we miss it. 

I was struck by how automatic this moment was for them. Travis calling out and Mitch stopping everything (despite the need to get to soccer practice in minutes) to see him, to cherish him, to love him.

Thankful today for this moment, for seeing it and capturing it. Thankful today for this man and the reminder to hug him a little tighter, a little longer, the next time I walk through the door and dinner is on the table.

I and Love and You. 

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