I have a thing about holidays. Truth be told I'm not a fan. 

Everywhere you turn there is someone [advertisers, hollywood, social media] setting the expectation of what constitutes as the ultimate experience with montage of highlight reels, or edited, sometimes orchestrated fiction. It's dangerously easy to compare your reality and come away feeling less than because of x, y and z. It took me a good bit to understand that my secret to reclaiming my joy in [any] holiday is to step away from all of the media around them. When I instead turn my focus on my family and my life my heart opens up to the beauty that is only mine. And that is exactly how I want to spend any holiday. For the record its been an awesome lazy, no shower, Mother's Day for me so far.  

So, I'm here to say that we are ALL (mother's who hold their children, mother's who hold children in their heart, father's filling the role of a mother, daughters with good mother relationships, daughters with estranged mother relationships) doing the best that we can do. And that, showing up everyday, not just on this day, is something to celebrate. 

I wish my boys always got the best of me but I am not a character playing a role and you know just as well as I do that they don't. It can be hard at times to not wallow in the ways I let them down. But the lows are not without purpose. With each come a lesson, a chance to be better and without the lows the highs wouldn't be as sweet. 

These images of my crazy, loud, perfectly imperfect family are part of my highlight reel . They are images from an afternoon in front of Tara Whitney's lens and capture some amazing hours where I one hundred percent immersed myself in my family. This was my Christmas, Birthday and Mother's Day all rolled into one. And I will forever be thankful for this time capsule. Just as I will the words written in the construction paper cards they gave me this morning. 

Travis at three years, three things I love about you : Your hair, Your kisses, Your hugs

Owen at five years, three things I love about you : You read books to me, You put me to bed, You give me lots of kisses and hugs

Garrett at ten years, three things I love about you : You are sweet and nice to me, You always take care of us, You help us and your the best Mom

The best, huh? Well, when I'm rocking it I'll give that a hell yes. And when I'm not I'll carry that in my heart and try to do better next time. 

Happy Mother's Day friends...


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