The Proposal

How do you know that someone really gets your work? 

You get a call one day, without her knowledge, from the man she has been dating with a request. Can you tell our story? 

These are the calls that get me excited, these are the calls that have me throw the rules out the window and take on an assignment in a month I told myself I wasn't working, the requests to document real life. 

You add in the details of the the story that I was hired to document and it turned into a pinch me moment. 

They were buying a home together, creating a space to bring their families together and under the guise of showing the children their new home he was planning to ask her to take it even one step further and marry him.  

As I hid behind the tree with my telephoto lens at the ready I quickly stuffed my white hat in the pocket of my black jacket as she drove up in fear that I would be spotted and spoil this unrepeatable life moment. Once I finally revealed myself and gave her the second surprise of the day I went to work documenting the children exploring their soon to be new home. 

So very special to be witness to this day. 

And now I would like to share with you one of my favorite people's story.  

The Best

Telling It Like It Is...