Starting Again

The start of a school year still excites me in the ways it did as a child. I'm a great starter and this opportunity to start again, to reset the clock is energizing. But today it felt like this was it, the last year of status quo, the year before everything changes. 

We laughed so hard when we saw this image because this is as good as it gets when I ask these three monkeys to take a picture together for me. Seriously this is the best of the bunch. I've learned that I get what I get and move on. It's become part of our first day of school tradition. At least this year no one got hurt!

So as much as I love his goofy smile I love the serious more. He's ten and not always smiley and I want to remember that. I secretly love the glimpses of this older Garrett. I'm excited to know him. We are giving him more responsibility this year and it has me scared to death while at the same time has me feeling like I live in the twilight zone, how am I old enough to have a child that.... 

He had me in turmoil all day. We made big decisions this year that will impact his course. I only pray we made the right ones. But truthfully isn't that all parenting is? Praying you make the right decisions? The agony was only magnified by not being the one to pick him up. I had to wait longer than a mother should to hear his day was wonderful and be comforted that we are doing what is right for him. 

Oh my baby. My baby who was thrilled to lay out his uniform last night. He told me he was going to dream about his uniform. He's always in a hurry to catch up to his brothers. So when he hesitated just for a second at his classroom door a smile warmed my heart in the truth that he is still my baby. 

These two are peas in a pod. They will always be close in age, in grade, and I'm hoping in life. I draw so much comfort in knowing that they have each other at school even though they are in different classrooms. It will be hard for Travis next year when they are separated even if for just a moment. 

I'm not new to this business of starting again but the nerves, the worry, the anticipation of hearing about their first day never wears off. Happy to report that 5th grade, 5K and 4K all had a great start. 

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