To Be Present | Part Four

Hello again. Today I bring you Part Four of this story where we go on a little adventure. The fun part of a Storytelling Session is that we have enough time together to switch it up - a story within a story if you will. 

I was inspired to share this session in five small bit sized posts by my recent obsession with Serial.  While I've loved being able to go further sharing my words and photographs by breaking it up there is another benefit.  It's nice to separate a series of images that could really stand on their own. 

While I love to have several hours with a family to tell a fuller story this is really something that can be done in a shorter period of time. All you need is a beginning, a middle and an end with a little action throughout. 

Don't forget this session is meant to be enjoyed in order so start here with Part OnePart Two, Part Three and make sure you check back tomorrow for the conclusion - Part Five. 

I adore this capture from yesterday's post because this could be my house minus the cat plus a dog. I feel as though our pantry door is always open and one of us is usually holding my littlest. 

Do you know why I started this business? Because I wish I had images like this of my life. Yes, I have thousands of images of my boys but where am I??? No where. 

In the beginning I mentioned that this was a dream session. When Stacie and I met to walk through her session I asked her the question I ask all my clients. What are you hoping to capture? What story do you want to tell?  Well, her answer was at the heart of why I started this business. She wanted to be seen. 


At this point the girls needed a change a scenery and we opted for a field trip to Paciugo. YUM. How lucky were we to have the place to ourselves? Well, just as lucky as we were that there were perfect white clouds in the sky. 

I Scream
You Scream
We All Scream
For Ice Cream!

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