To Be Present | Part Five

Welcome to the final installment of the "To Be Present" Series. I hope you've enjoyed this session shared in bite size installments as inspired by the podcast, Serial.  My plan is to share my Storytelling sessions in this format going forward. 

Don't forget this session is meant to be enjoyed in order so start here with Part OnePart TwoPart Three and Part Four.

This is likely one of my favorites of the session. Pigtails. Pooh. The expression... For the love of all things of childhood. More of this in life, yes?

I've drawn out writing these words just as I lingered a smidgen longer in their home for one reason - this is the work I'm meant to do.

This last series of images are 100% authentic. After several hours together guards were down, life was in motion and I felt as though I was able to see their truth.

And that is all I want. 

Because its the truth that can slip away. Frozen peas preferred over cooked. Sun Dried Tomato Obsession. Pooh love handed down from mother to daughter. Meals eaten with a child in your lap. Little toes not where they are supposed to be.  

The subtleties of life that define who you are as a family when you pull them all together. This is the work that I'm meant to do.

I live for those who love me, for those who know me true.
— George Linnaeus Banks

Happy Hanukkah!

To Be Present | Part Four